Tarshaa Krishnaraj is a designer and creative technologist based in New York City investigating the cultural touchpoints of A.I. through design and film.

She imagines design as future states of being, informed by the current climate of our existence.  Using technology, A.I., humor and function she crafts empathetic design solutions that ask bigger questions about our future realities. 

Open to collaborations.



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Tarshaa Krishnaraj

A.I.’s Indian gaze

Exploring the kind of images Midjourney creates when describing a racially specific face, with distinct facial features and perhaps entertaining  stereotypical, biased data collection. 

These faces are created in Midjourney along with their corresponding names. The corresponding names exist in relation to what the AI thinks the face ‘looks’ like. Rendered environments by me.

Infusing humor with an experiment on how the future of identity is shaped by AI. 

I want to ask: How does the beginning of an AI powered future look at a specific race? By staying neutral towards AI, can we prompt it by providing data to shift its knowledge to faces and the politics of faces?