Tarshaa Krishnaraj is designer and creative technologist based in New York City. 

She imagines design as future states of being, informed by the current climate of our existence. Using technology, humor and function she crafts empathetic design solutions that ask bigger questions about our future realities. 



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Chew Brace is a speculative, wearable face brace that counts and ensures that we chew our food 32 times, and 32 times only.

The brace is inspired by an antique head brace design that recognizes the entire face as a system, operating to breathe and eat. It is overly complex in comparison to the braces that we see today. 

To build an overly structured model with incredible mathematical accuracy on an act - the act of eating- that is so intuitive, toys with the idea of overconsumption of efficient and convenient products. There is a humor, with a functional- overly functional- meaning that conflicts to exist together.

Testing the product in virtual reality demonstrates how a medical, wearable piece can be prototyped with immersive technology.