Tarshaa Krishnaraj is a designer and creative technologist based in New York City investigating the cultural touchpoints of A.I. through design and film.

She imagines design as future states of being, informed by the current climate of our existence.  Using technology, A.I., humor and function she crafts empathetic design solutions that ask bigger questions about our future realities. 

Open to collaborations.



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Tarshaa Krishnaraj



Visualizing Epigenetics experiments with the  visual language of species mingling, of environment and body turning into one single oraganism. 

Epigenetics is the process where the environment genetically affects the living body, causing it to adapt and change. It is the same philosophy of nature vs. nurture. This concept originated from the neural networks in our brain, and now in its use in Artificial Intelligence, with technologt trying to process events and inputs like the brain would. If bacteria and other microorganisms that create, support and enhance life also underwent such changes to their neural networks, how would environements gradually change?

Microbial epigenetics and attempting to understanding it visually is the core of the project.

Below is an experiment with AI and 3D. More on that intersection soon.