Tarshaa Krishnaraj is a designer and creative technologist based in New York City investigating the cultural touchpoints of A.I. through design and film.

She imagines design as future states of being, informed by the current climate of our existence.  Using technology, A.I., humor and function she crafts empathetic design solutions that ask bigger questions about our future realities. 

Open to collaborations.



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Tarshaa Krishnaraj


This design as social practice uses culture as a physical defense. Following the Indian tradition of drawing a Kolam with rice flour on the doorfront, this security mechanism uses an magnetism and unique material quality to activate the metal grains in the Kolam. The iron filings that make up the Kolam on the ground and the roof create an electromagnetic field that is then able to conduct electricity in the presence of an  object. Optimizing its spitirual protection as a physical barrier transforms culture from its most basic form to impede imminent danger.

Authorities in America remain one of the biggest threat to undocumented immigrants. With intent of violence and inhumane treatment of these individuals, these officers carry guns and heavy metal weapons. An officer steps on the Kolam that envelops the front and top of the house. The Kolam’s iron filings is connected to a circuit underground and leads to a bulb inside the house of the individual at risk. The two parallel Kolam’s and their iron filings create a permanent space of constant electromagnetic field. This is the space into which the officer walks in. As their heavy metal gun enters this field- the detection space- the circuit is completed. The complete circuit triggers a light inside the house, warning the insider of potential danger.


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