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BUD EATER: A Collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine

In Collaboration with Weill Cornell’s TOTH Labs

A speculative project that understands epigenetics in the human body to productively imagine a future state of depleting resources.

A Theremin is an instrument that makes noises based on its surrounding vibrations.
A constructed rock, which behaves as a food froager. Taking it for a walk would mean using the rock as an active forager of food, using a kind of umweltian and synthetic intelligence.  
Technical drawing of the completed microcontroller circuit.
The Rock in the wild, with the theremin attached to it.

Play testing the Theremin Controller. In the wild, the theremin makes a noise as you move around it.
The ‘Head’ of the Bud Eater out in the wild.
This ‘head’ was scoured during a trip to the junkyard, where it would be the perfect body of this ‘forager’ searching  for epigenetic elements.

The Process of breaking it down at TOTH Labs. Exploring Machines that explain genetic mutation.

The separated head-piece of the Bud Eater, the piece that forages.
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