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A.I describes me as (Chat GPT):

Meet the dazzling diva of intellect and intrigue, rocking both the geological and digital worlds with effortless flair! With her captivating curls cascading like a waterfall of wisdom, she's the ultimate blend of beauty and brains. Her passion for rocks is as solid as granite, and her love for AI is more electrifying than a supercharged neural network.

In her presence, even the most stubborn of rocks and algorithms can't help but soften up. Get ready to be enchanted by her brilliance, because she's truly a gem among women!
Tarshaa Krishnaraj is a creative technologist working with the cultural touch points of machine and artificial intelligence.

Focused on pushing the needle of technology and future states of being, her work imbues a humor in our everyday technological musings. They take form through design and film. 
She loves rocks, Altoids and the Intelligence of Artificial. 

She has collaborated with Weill Cornell Medicine and produced for Disney Star.

Featured In: 
- Homegrown.in: Breakthrough Creators of 2023
- Pink Essay Magazine

Expertise In: 

Applied AI
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Spatial Computing

Text me for my cv: 6462840753
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