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Chew Machine

Machines made for the human act of eating.  

To speculate about the human condition and how certain machines can be embedded into the body to regulate the human condition, in a humorous take. Verging on prosthetics and the idea of machine interjection.

This device is fitted on to the head of the human, at an attempt to probe at the capacity of a machine to interrupt a natural human act. The act being eating- an act of both survivalism and pleasure, how can a pre-programmed machine interfere with something so innate and primal?

Modeled in Cinema 4D and Blender. The brace consists of a few elements:

1. The physical headgear

2. Counter on headgear to display the chew count

3. Light signal on bottom indicating if the human has ‘underchewed’ or ‘overchewed’

The headbrace is taken to a virtual reality space to experiment with the facial data and dimensions to see how a machine could be produced for specific individuals.

The chew brace is modeled in cinema 4D.  It is part of series of making functional, fictional machines.

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