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An Encyclopedia of Survivalism

Playful, technological objects to speculate a deserted future. Instruction Manual for How-to-Use.

Each object is assigned a certain function- whether that is to collect the genes of found animals around, or a theremin-inserted rock that probes its surroundings to beep when a moving object is near, these objects are fitted functionally with a visual uncanniness- alien but also essential for survival.

I created an instruction manual to assign these objects with a practical edge, almost something you would not expect to find but has instructions and technical drawings that touch on an innate sense of the intersection between objecthood with humankind.  

A series of playful objects for the Giant Roomplay-tested and created to answer one question:

if you could take an object to the deserted island, what would it be?

Using a critical, survivalist lens to look at technology and biomimicry.

Editorial Booklet for The GIANT Room.

The four objects:

1. Meta Ear Drum
2. Gene Carrier
3. Bio Nostril
4. LifeSensor

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